Dr. Leigh-Anne Gillespie, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Leigh-Anne Gillespie is a Postdoctoral Fellow with AGE-WELL National Innovation Hub: Advancing Policies and Practices in Technology and Aging. She received her PhD in Health Policy from McMaster University in 2017, which focused on the nature of ethical challenges arising from humanitarian healthcare policies during disaster and conflict response. Most recently, she worked for SAS Canada in Toronto as a Marketing Specialist, where she was introduced to fast-growing technologies such as artificial intelligence.


With combined expertise in policy analysis, research methods, and ethics, she will support and engage government stakeholders in the development of innovative solutions through a policy and regulatory lens. She will also assist the APPTA Hub with the proliferation and adoption of new technologies to support older adults and caregivers.


In her off time, Dr. Gillespie can be found supporting local market vendors, on a vintage pursuit, or walking the beach for glass treasures. Above all, she enjoys being active and values physical agility and wellbeing as we age.